Coffee Cruise: The Farm at Eastman’s Corner

Hello hello! Welcome back to another installment of Coffee Cruise! As the weather gets warmer, these adventures become even more fun. Following a recommendation from my Aunt, we went to The Farm at Eastman’s Corner in Kensington, NH. This had to be one of the cutest places I’ve been to in a long time. The atmosphere was very rustic and homey with the shop being in a wooden barn with a big wrap-around porch. Inside was like a little local market with fresh veggies, homemade meals and baked goods. The fridges housed local dairy and prepared foods. Behind the counter is where the caffeine magic happens though.

The menu consisted of your classic coffee shop items such as lattes, brewed hot coffee, cappuccino, and mocha as well as chai tea (which you know is my Mom’s favorite). What caught my eye was the peanut butter cup latte. I HAD to try it. When I tell you it was the best thing I’ve ever drank, I’m not kidding. Now, it was a bit strange a first to be drinking peanut butter, but mixed with the espresso, milk and chocolate sauce, it was the perfect blend. The chai they used was similar to that of White Heron in Portsmouth. Smooth, creamy with that hint of spice that is expected with a chai.

Overall, this was a 10/10 for drink, atmosphere, and service!

Peanut butter cup latte. So dreamy!
We love an all-inclusive place!

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