About Me (again) and Update

Hello everyone! It's been a while; to be honest, I haven't felt much inspiration or motivation to write. That's the thing about writing, you go through phases where words just pour out of you then they dry up like the desert as you wait for the next flood. As I sit here writing this, I... Continue Reading →

Coffee Cruise: Bagel Basket

Welcome back my friends to another stop on the Coffee Cruise! This trip took us to York, ME to The Bagel Basket. This cutie little place is situated just outside of downtown York and offer bagels (obviously, it's in the name), breakfast sandwiches, lunch, pastries, along with coffee and tea. The building, specifically the parking... Continue Reading →

Erica’s Garden is Blooming!

EPPING, NH - Choosing what you want to do for a career at a young age can be overwhelming for some. When asked what interested her during her high school days, Erica Levengood had some idea of what she wanted. Coming from a family of nurses, being in the medical field was an obvious choice... Continue Reading →

New Job, New Beginnings

Hello my friends! A week has gone by since I last posted and within that week I have been able to score myself a job. You are now reading the blog of a freelance journalist! I am working for the Granite State News Collaborative which is a group of nearly 20 news outlets as well... Continue Reading →


Good afternoon readers. To be completely honest with you all, I am sort of at a loss as to what to write, but I need to get back into the habit of posting more. Since graduating college, I have felt sort of lost because for the past 16 years I have attended school, done my... Continue Reading →

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