Coffee Cruise: The Big Bean Durham

Week two of the Coffee Cruise took us to Durham, NH, back to my college town. I have to say, it was really nice to see campus again, I miss it a lot. The Big Bean is a place I heard a lot of my friends and peers talk about so it was somewhere I had been wanting to try. Walking in the back of the place, you instantly hear the chatter of college students munching on breakfast food and sipping on their drinks. The atmosphere was cozy and lively with Christmas lights hanging from the windows. The menu was extensive with breakfast and lunch options for everyone, they even had a cocktail menu. What my mom and I failed to realize until after we finished our meal was there was a small cafe area down the hall from where we were sitting. The Big Bean is a unique place because there’s two parts; a sit-down breakfast and lunch restaurant and a small coffee shop cafe.

The wait to sit down was long, as was the wait for our food, but they were very busy. Choosing my favorite breakfast item, pancakes with banana on top, and eggs with toast and bacon for my mom, we ordered our usual iced coffee and hot chai tea latte. My mom is on the hunt for the best chai tea latte on the Seacoast and I want to see who has the best coffee. The chai was good, not as peppery as she likes, but solid flavor nonetheless and my iced latte with Irish cream flavoring. I really enjoyed the flavor of my drink, it’s definitely something I would go for if I was in the area, especially since I now know about the cafe side. I also want to comment on the service, while it was a long wait, the staff was really friendly.

Overall, I would give it a 7/10, the wait was long, but the coffee and staff was really good. I am not counting the food in this because not every place I will go to will have food, but the food here was good.

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