Coffee Cruise: Bagel Basket

Welcome back my friends to another stop on the Coffee Cruise! This trip took us to York, ME to The Bagel Basket. This cutie little place is situated just outside of downtown York and offer bagels (obviously, it’s in the name), breakfast sandwiches, lunch, pastries, along with coffee and tea. The building, specifically the parking area reminds me of this ice cream shop down by my Nana’s house that we always go to whenever we visit her, so that brought some nostalgia to the experience for me. It’s weird how something so plain as a parking lot can spark special memories for us, but I also think it’s pretty cool. Anywho, back to the coffee; I ordered an iced latte (I know, shocker) with shortbread syrup. I was intrigued by that flavor because I’ve never seen it anywhere else. The taste of the coffee, espresso technically, was really good, nice and smooth. The syrup tasted more like vanilla which I didn’t expect, but it was still good. My mom obviously got her usual chai tea latte. She reported that it wasn’t as spicy as she likes it, but it was still a solid cup of chai.

As I continue to do these coffee trips, I try to find a drink that is unique and I couldn’t necessarily get at another coffee place, that’s what keeps this exciting! Overall, I give this a rating of 7/10.

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