Finally watched FFA


So yesterday I finally watched Five Feet Apart and let’s just say it requires a box of tissues. It’s an emotional for everyone, but for someone with medical issues and their families, it hits very close to home. For me, it was tough to watch, but I wanted to because, well I wanted to, but I was nervous because I knew it would not be easy. Watching the film as someone with a chronic illness (for me at least) was nice to see the emotions we go through portrayed so well and so accurate. Now I know that in the movie the characters have Cystic Fibrosis, but it’s still a chronic illness and a genetic disorder all the same. Please understand that I am not saying that we should lump everyone with a chronic illness in one big pile because we each individually go through different things, but it is easier for me to understand the characters’ emotions than someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be surrounded by doctors, nurses and treatments all the time. Anyway, I throughly enjoyed the film and am appreciative of what it can bring to people who don’t experience the life of someone with chronic illnesses.

A healthy person may not ever really truly understand the mental, emotional and physical trauma we go through, but movies like FFA opens doors for discussion and communication which is something that we desperately need in this society.

One thing I want to add before signing off is that FFA shows the characters as human with human wants and interests. It’s not JUST sick kids in a hospital.

Sorry for the winded post, I kinda just poured my emotions out here.

Any who, stay true to you my beautiful friends!!

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