Potential Growth for this Blog

Hello, hello!  This will be a short post today but I wanted to get y’all’s opinion on something. Podcasts have been becoming increasingly popular and I know I love to listen to them.  I have been thinking about doing one and I wanted to see if it is something that you guys would be interested in.  The only thing holding be back is the fact that I have a speech impediment and podcasts are listening to someone talk.  See my predicament here?

I have never let my disability stop me before, so why start now?  In the past I have used text-to-speech apps and I always hated them because they didn’t feel personal and the voice was weird.  I’ve been looking into programs that sound like an actual person, but no luck yet. Granted I just started looking yesterday, but you get the point.

Do you guys have any ideas?  I will take anything you got!  The only other thing I was able to think of was to have someone read what I wrote, but I’ve never liked other people speaking for me.  I don’t know.

Ideas and suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Love you, fam!

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