So, if you have been reading my posts you know that I wanted dresses with access to my G-Tube without lifting up my entire dress and flashing people.  My friend Allie Doyle, who I met at MDA Camp at Camp Allen when I was 14.  Allie goes to Lasell University in Newton, MA for fashion design.  After I posted that I wish there were accessible dresses, she texted me and wanted to help.  I was surprised and honored that she wanted to help me.  Sewing is so not my forte; I was forced to take a sewing class in middle school and it was torture.  Okay, maybe not TORTURE, but pretty darn close.  My fingers became pin pillows during that class.

Allie has been sewing for 11 years and her brand, Alexandra’s Fashion, for five.  She was so excited to help me with this project because she is proud of her Muscular Dystrophy and she doesn’t want to hide it.  She wants other people with MD feel comfortable with themselves.

Most people don’t think about things like an access point for a G-Tube because they don’t have one.  Clothing for people with disabilities is not something the majority of people consider because it’s not a part of their lives.  This topic reaffirms my goal to bring awareness to chronic physical disabilities because hopefully it becomes common to see and talk about.

Designing the dresses was super fun because it could be ANYTHING I wanted.  With Allie’s help, we created two beautiful yet functional dresses.  The first we designed is a wrap dress with a V-neck and short sleeves.  Dress number two  is sleeveless with a keyhole in the back, light blue fabric with a white eyelet overlay and sweetheart neck line.  Both dresses have a cut-out so I can access my G-Tube yet can be hidden by fabric.  To be able to have dresses that I don’t have to worry about whether or not there is somewhere I can go to take my meds is amazing.

So, here are the pictures!!




And here is the beautiful, talented Allie!!



Shoutout to Allie for making me these beautiful dresses that I can wear and be comfortable.  Thank you girly!  I love you!

Checkout her website here!


Stay beautiful lovelies!

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      1. That is so awesome Rosie! I’m very happy for you and very impressed with your blogs! They are very well written and bring out your personality at the same time!!!


  1. These are beautiful and you look stunning!! The red dress is my favorite! I’m so happy Ellen could do this for you ❤️


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