Skin Care Products I Love!

Today I’m going to feature some skincare items and brands that I really like.  At the end I will put the pictures of the products I am going to be talking about.  Hint: watch out for an Instagram post as well!

Recently, I have subscribed to Sephora’s Play box, which is a monthly subscription where you receive five sample-sized products.  In a recent box, I got a sample of an exfoliating face wash by Fresh.  This daily scrub uses strawberries and sugar to make this scrub that gets off all the dead skin and purifies your pores.  This has become my favorite cleanser I have ever used.  The smell is amazing and, I don’t know about you, but the feeling of the sugar scrubbing my face makes me feel extra clean.  There is a downside to Fresh’s strawberry and sugar exfoliating face wash and that is the price.  On it is priced at $33.00.  I usually would never spend that much on face wash (thankfully I got the full size in my stocking this year), I believe it is worth it because it will last you a long time.  You only need a pea-size dollop and rub it into your skin until the sugar melts.  Tip: wet your face with warm water before and the sugar will melt quicker and it will go on more smoothly.

The next product I want to share is Dermalogica’s Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask.  Dermalogica has a Clear Start line of skincare products that are meant for teens and young adults to help them fight acne, blemishes and breakouts.  This brand is usually very pricey, but because they are gearing this line towards the younger crowd, they made these products more affordable.  The Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask is priced at about $22 which is a good deal because you don’t need to use a lot of the formula when applying and I have found that it lasts a long time.  When you put the contents on your hands to cover your face (or your effected areas) it comes out creamy, but as you put it on, it fizzes and bubbles. It’s a strangely cool feeling. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes then wipe it off with warm water. I immediately noticed my blackheads had gone down around my nose and chin. The one thing I don’t care for is the smell, but your favorite moisturizer should take care of that.

If you are looking for a cheaper yet still effective acne treatment, I use C&C by Clean and Clear’s PERSA-GEL Acne Medication.  It comes in a small tube and is very powerful.  You can find it at your local pharmacy or I am almost positive on Amazon because they have everything.  The PERSA-GEL works very well and I’ve had it for years.

Now I don’t know about you guys (especially females, but hey, I don’t judge), I LOVE a good face mask.  There is just something about peeling it off that is so satisfying and makes my face feel extra clean.  The thing about masks is, you don’t necessarily use them all the time, so why spend a fortune on something that you’ll use maybe once a month?  Another thing is, there are so many different ones!  How do you choose between a deep skin detox mask and one that makes your skin glow?  Hint: you don’t pick one, you pick a mini sampler kit.  The face mask set that I use is from Formula 10.0.6 and you can find it at Ulta for $12.99 and you get six mini-sized masks.  Some of my favorites from the set are the Draw it All Out charcoal peel mask, the Get your Glow On peel and Pores Be Pure mud mask.  I have had these for about 6 months and I still have a solid amount in each bottle.  Formula 10.0.6 is a great brand for quality products at a cheap price.

Ulta is my favorite place to get makeup, skincare and hair products because they have the high-end brands, drug-store brands and even ones you didn’t know existed.  It is also way less intimidating than Sephora.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Sephora, but the $30 lipstick and the employees that have an entire face of makeup on can be daunting.  I am not bashing Sephora or anyone who works there, whenever I go in they are super nice and helpful, its just sometimes it is easier to shop where you can find things you can actually afford.

There is always Amazon and drug stores if you don’t have an Ulta near you.

Taking care of your skin is very important and I find that it uplifts my mood so much when I have a clean, fresh face to start the day.

Thanks for listening to me (or rather reading) rant on about beauty products!   I love you guys!

Stay true to you lovelies!

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