Happy Spring

Hi my lovely friends.  I am so sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  The assignments and life piled up and I couldn’t update like I wanted to.  Anyhow, I am currently sitting in Starbucks in Market Square waiting for the Wildcat bus to take me to campus.  Finals are upon us and I have two more to go.  Today I am meeting with my group for my Personal Finance final then tomorrow I have my ASL exam.

In other exciting news, I got an internship at Seacoast Media Group writing for the healthcare/medical section of the Portsmouth Herald Seacoast Sunday paper.  In journalism, you sort of need a beat or a topic you specialize in, and for a while I had NO clue what I wanted mine to be.  I didn’t realize how many topics there were you could cover in journalism.  I just figured it was general news reporting, TV/broadcast news, Political, and editorial.  A former journalism student from UNH came to visit us and tell us about her job and how she got from UNH student to working for Vox in the nation’s capital.  Her name was Ella Neilson and she started out her career in healthcare journalism.  Never in my life had I heard of it.  I thought writing about healthcare and medical topics were reserved for medical journals and publications.  Through out my life, people thought I would go into the medical field for my occupation because I know so much about it, but what they didn’t understand was that I have spent my entire life in and around hospitals, doctors, nurses, and doctor offices that I really didn’t want to spend my career there too.  Have been through what I’ve been through, I have PTSD from everything and being in hospitals triggers it.  It’s not horrible, but I am still greatly effected by it and I rather stay away as much as I can.

Writing has always been my way of expressing myself (hence the blog) and I always want to educate people (also hence the blog) and help others who go through similar things as I do.  Let me tell you, finding a career to do just that is not easy.  For a little while, I began to doubt if I really wanted to be a journalist (I’ve never even told my parents this), but I love writing and there is so much you can do with a journalism degree, I convinced myself that I could find something where I could combine all those aspects into writing and make money at the same time.  Learning that there is such a thing as healthcare journalism and that it can be applied to any and all news outlets got me really excited because I felt like I finally found my path.

We will see this summer how it goes!  Please look out for my articles in the Seacoast Sunday in the medical section this summer!!  I would love your feedback!

Stay beautiful friends! ❤



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