Girls Night Out and Other Things

Hello all.  I am excited because tonight is my first girls night out without any adult (yes I know, technically I am an adult, but I meant people my own age).  We will be going to The GOAT in Portsmouth for their weekly trivia night, it also helps that it’s two for one burger night too.  I don’t know if this is an actual girls night out, but it’s only girls and we are going out so I’m calling it how I see it; girls going out.

The first semester of my second year at college is coming to a close and I am excited because that means a long break, my birthday, Christmas, and when I go back, warmer weather is on its way.  I got into the Intro to Digital Photography class for the Spring and I cannot wait!  I want to minor in photography because it will add to my resume and hopefully help me stand out from the other journalists applying for the same job.  Also, I will save the paper or organization money because they won’t have to send out a photographer with me.

It seems crazy to me that next year I will be a JUNIOR in college.  I feel like this went by must faster than high school. I’m not sure if it’s because I actually enjoy college or if it’s just part of getting older.  Either way, I don’t like it.  I feel like time is going by way too fast.  I want to make the most of it and do something I actually love, like writing.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I am super excited to see my extended family.  Granted, it’s not as big as Christmas Eve or Easter with my family, but it’s still fun with lots of good food.  Being in a big Italian family means you never go hungry and each holiday consists of more food, family, and laughter than the last.  How do you guys celebrate Thanksgiving?  Do you celebrate it?  What is one tradition that you cannot live without for Thanksgiving?  For me, it’s my Nana’s pecan rolls.  You will think you have died and gone to heaven.   It’s like a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun in one with pecans on top.  Goodness gracious, they are amazing!!

Do any of you have a latte machine?  If so, which one?  I am looking into one and don’t know which one.  I am looking for ways to save money and I can’t afford $5 lattes every day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Shine on!!

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  1. Very smart to plan ahead for your resume. Your future employer will appreciate you trying to save them money by doing the job of two people. As for a latte machine…you should look at the Nespresso DeLonghi , it’s an Italian brand.

    Happy Holidays!



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