Tuesday Morning Rant and Other Things

Whale, whale, whale, look who’s back? It’s me guys!  Hi!  I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.  I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long!  You may be wondering why I am blogging when I should be in class or at least on campus.  Well, that’s because it’s pouring and the Wildcat Bus is super late and my first class just got canceled.  So here I am, sitting in Starbucks downtown Portsmouth waiting for the bus that seems to be taking longer and longer to get here.  It first said thirty minutes when I arrived here, then it keeps going back and forth between thirty, thirty-one, thirty-three, and they threw in a twenty-nine just to shake things up.  You know, get my hopes up that they are actually coming.  Jokes on me because I’m still here!  Oh boy, to be me eh?  Normally, people my age would love it if this happened to them, but I am a strange breed of human, this is actually giving me anxiety and I just want a normal Tuesday to happen.  Unfortunately for me, nothing is EVER normal.  You would think I would know this by now, but I keep hoping.  I just checked the bus again and it looks like the A bus might get here before my bus arrives.  It was supposed to be here at 8:24, I guess you could say that’s not gonna happen.  My saving grace is my chai tea latte.  God bless Starbucks.  Anyway, sorry for my rant.  I’m very frazzled this morning, which probably not the best time to blog but, eh oh well.

Nothing too exciting has been going on in my life.  (Update on the bus: twenty-eight minutes).  Fall is almost here and I am super excited!  My CMS and the bad weather do not mix well.  My muscles are very picky; it can’t be super hot and humid, and it can’t be freezing cold either.  Hence why fall is my favorite!  I am in a bit of a slump in my reading and I can’t seem to get into a book.  To be honest, since I got sick about two years ago (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long already), I’ve found it hard to get into reading like I used to.  This makes me very sad because reading has always been my favorite thing to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE to read, it just takes me longer to find a book that grabs me instantly.  The last book that did that was a memoir called Brain on Fire which was an incredible book.  I have started The Outsiders which I am really enjoying, but I wanted to know if you guys had any recommendations.  I am not picky when it comes to books, although I don’t really like romance or sci-fi, except a few.  So drop your suggestions in the comments!! (Bus update: 13 minutes!  Yay!).

When I woke up this morning, my muscles ached a lot, granted I hadn’t taken my medicine yet, but that is my reality.  Getting ready in the morning is no walk in the park.  Due to my class schedule, I can’t take my meds until 7am which means I have to shower and get dressed with no muscles.  Due to the lack of time I have until the bus arrives (thank God), I don’t have time to dive into something called The Spoon Theory which sums up my life.  I will post again, maybe today with that for you along with a dedication to the Doctor that changed my life.  He will be retiring after many, many, many years of research and hard work.


On a totally different note: do any of you have the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 Plus?  If so, please leave your thoughts, opinions, and dislikes in the comments.  I am getting an upgrade soon and I’m curious to see what other people think.  On a side note, Dad, I know you’re gonna say Samsungs are better, but they are not in my opinion and I am perfectly happy with my iPhone, thank you very much.


That’s it for now my lovely readers!  Stay dry and shine on!

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  1. I really wanted to do the whale emoji, but I wasn’t sure if it would work on here and I’m also on my laptop and it doesn’t have emojis. I know, the horror


  2. How about “Origin” by local author, Dan Brown? I usually fall asleep after only a page or two, but I couldn’t put this one down!


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