Second Week and Paper News

Hello friends!! Another week of school is complete!

So there is not enough in the budget for the school news paper to add another staff writer, but next semester some people may be leaving so a spot will hopefully open up! I had no idea that the staff writers got paid, which is just an added bonus to the whole gig. Although I can’t be a staff writer just yet, I can still continue as a contributing writer, which is the same amount of work, just without pay. Next semester I will hopefully have two jobs which will be great because I spend too much money on coffee and online shopping.

As I am writing this, I’m watching Jurassic Park for the first time. Let’s just say my adrenaline is pretty high. It’s a good movie though. Right now they are swinging from dinosaur bones that are attached to the ceiling, and people ask me why I’m afraid of heights. A dinosaur could potentially be chasing after me as I hang from the ceiling. Totally possible. Oh and one of the dudes in here is Santa from Miracle on 34th Street, incase anyone was wondering.

My second week of classes has been more interesting because it’s not all intro stuff. In ASL, I’m learning that the signs I learned as a little kid are now considered “old”. Boy, time moves fast! Nothing too interesting has happened this week other than the news paper stuff. I’m super excited to continue writing for them and I found out that I can use the articles I write for the paper as my weekly story assignment in my journalism class which will save me so much time! I recommend checking out The New Hampshire, which is the UNH news paper, because there are some incredible writers in there, and me! I’m gonna start a portfolio of all my articles I write for the paper. It’ll be cool to look back on when I’m older. Also, it’ll be good to give to potential employers.

On a completely different note:

It’s not even fall yet and all I want to do is watch Hocus Pocus with my matching socks and a warm slice of pie. Knowing me, I’ll start that marathon pretty soon. What’s your favorite part or tradition of fall? Drop your answers in the comments! Thank you for reading my lovelies! Enjoy your weekend!

Shine on!!

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  1. Love that you’re going to write for the school pub and get credit for it in a class too! Those “more” and “thank you” and “Dad” signs are OLD? You’ll have to teach me the new ones. Fall? I think that for me, it’s the light – lower in the sky, casting longer shadows. So pretty! Keep smiling! 🙂

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