2018 Surfing with Smiles

Hey everyone!  So yesterday I went to Hampton Beach with my dad to help and watch Surfing with Smiles.  Surfing with Smiles is an event that is hosted every year for the past nine years that teaches kids with disabilities how to surf!  I am not comfortable in the water, but I wanted to go and support and watch.  It was amazing to see kids who are wheelchair bound get out and surf.  The smiles on their faces were the best part!  Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop lends surfboards and wetsuits along with surfboard wax.  Each surfer has a team of volunteers with one captain to help them stay on the board, get on the board, and support them in any other way they need.  It is such a freeing experience for them.  The entire event was run solely by volunteers and is a non-profit.  They have music, leis, snowcones, and sell t-shirts with the Surfing with Smiles logo.  It is such a wonderful evening and I highly encourage you to go, volunteer, support, and surf!  You don’t need to know how to surf to volunteer, just know how to swim!

Thanks for reading and keep on smiling!  Drop questions in the comments if you have any!  E0R3PT8ajSgDfsZHqXg

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