Hello everyone!  Ugh, it is WAY too hot for any living thing to be okay with.  I went to work today for the Black New England Conference which is put together by UNH and the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail.  The office we use used to be the Portsmouth Children’s Museum and there is no AC.  It was a hot, damp day at the office.  The heat does not agree with my CMS.  Anyway, today I wanted to talk about technology that I have found helpful with my disability.  I mainly use these products for school and work, but they can be used for a multitude of things.  Here is a list of my favorite technology products and why (in no particular order):

  1. Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil:   I got the iPad Pro when I graduated high school from this organization that I have known since I was about four, called Partners In Health.  My mom and I had been talking about what tech product would be best for me to use in college during class to take notes.  It was around that time when Apple came out with the iPad Pro.  The iPad Pro had everything I needed to be successful in class; the screen was large so I could see the notes I was typing without having to zoom in.   There are many apps that are great for note-taking, like  Notability which can record while you write.  I am the type of person who remembers more when I physically write them down so having the Apple Pencil is great.  It glides easily on the screen and it’s your handwriting.  I still love a simple pen and paper, but this is a great alternative to that that will save me energy because there is not a lot of effort to write like there is with a pen.  There is no need to put pressure down to write.
  2. MacBook Air:   My MacBook is the best thing I have bought myself.  It’s a laptop that is thin, light for a computer, and does anything and everything.  I use it for writing papers and more detailed things.  The MacBook Air is perfect because it’s light so I can carry it in my bag for school without it becoming too heavy.  Also, because it’s an Apple product, all of the documents that I write on my computer are saved on my phone and iPad.
  3. Speak 4 Me App on my phone:  The Speak 4 Me app is good for when someone can’t read/see what I have typed on my phone or if I want to give a presentation because I hit the speak button and it says what I typed.  I don’t use it for presentations because I rather give them myself and have the words up on a projector screen behind or next to me, but it could be used for that.

When I was younger, I used a lot of different pieces of technology to help me speak, but I never liked them because they never had what I wanted to say and it wasn’t my voice.  I felt like it couldn’t do justice to what I really wanted to say.  The tech products I have listed above are what suits my needs at this point in my life and I feel comfortable using them.  There are so many products out there that can help people with any disability they may have.

If you want to know more about me, my life, or CMS, drop questions in the comments!!  Thank you so much for reading!  As always, stay you!

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  1. Good Morning Rosie,
    Technology is so advanced and continues to grow. Thank goodness it is there for all of our use. I enjoy reading your blog and it is very clear that technology is working with you. Regards Jim S “the Butler”


    1. Thank you! Yes, I don’t know what I would do without the technology we have today. And it keeps getting better and newer each day


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