Driving, Driving, Driving

Hello Friends!  Monday was an exciting day for me!  I got interviewed by a peer of mine who is interning this summer at the Portsmouth Herald!  We met downtown at a local coffee shop and they asked me questions about my life and my blog.  I was truly honored to be given this opportunity and I am hoping that my blog will reach even more people.  The interview was at 3 pm so I needed to get a ride from the COAST Bus ADA Paratransit because I don’t have means of transportation.  One thing I haven’t talked about yet was the fact that I can’t drive.  Ever since I was born, my eyes have been fixed, meaning that they do not move.  If I want to look left or right, I have to physically turn my head.  I have been to two driving programs for people with disabilities and both said that it is not safe, nor is it possible for me to drive.  In order for me to drive, I must drive at 20 mph or below because my eyes don’t track.  If I go faster, I may not be able to catch something or someone coming up fast beside me.

Not being able to go wherever I want, when I want is frustrating.  I have always been an independent person and not being able to drive limits my freedom.  Watching my friends get their license was difficult because it was another thing that set me apart from my peers.  I think that’s what upset me the most about not being able to obtain a driver’s license, one more thing that I couldn’t do that my friends could.  Throughout my childhood,  I tried to ignore my disability and pretend that I could do anything every other kid my age could like climb the monkey bars on the playground or race back to our classroom without coming in last because my legs aren’t strong enough to keep up with the others.  Driving was another tick on my list.

I don’t know how or when I came to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to drive, but I did.  I am holding out for a self-driving Jeep, yes, that’s right, I want a Jeep!  I don’t know why, out of all the fancy cars I want a Jeep, I just do.  I think they look tough.  That being said, it is nice not to have the responsibility of driving a car and making sure you don’t crash and I don’t have to worry about gas money or insurance.  I get people to be my personal drivers which kinda makes me feel fancy, like those people in movies who have chauffeurs with the outfit and hat.

I want to apologize for the delay in posts, I was super tired yesterday and didn’t have the energy to type.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to ask questions in the comments section!  Also, look out for the article about my blog in the Portsmouth Herald this Sunday!  As always, stay beautiful!


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