Hello everyone!  I hope you are faring the heat better than I am (or at the very least, better than my hair).  For people without a disability, the heat can be taxing on their bodies.  Not every disability is affected negatively by heat and humidity, but mine certainly is.  When the temperature rises, my energy and strength plummet.  In my home during the summer, I must have AC in my bedroom and in the kitchen along with some fans, and sometimes that’s not even enough to ward off the heat.  It also does not help that my medication causes me to sweat (ew, I know, but I can’t control it no matter how much I try).

I know of some people with physical disabilities that their muscles actually do better in the heat and worse in the cold.  My CMS does not respond well to extreme temperatures so my favorite season is Fall.  Other than the weather, Fall is an amazing season which unfortunately where I live isn’t as long as the other three seasons, winter being the longest, ugh).  The fall offers apples and everything you can make with them, perfect sleeping weather, and of course, you can wear your pretty tall boots you got at the end of the season last year on sale!  What can I say, I’m a bargain shopper!  Okay, full disclosure, I’m a shopper no matter what, I can’t help it.  Shopping is also a good activity for me because I can sit and rest whenever I need to, although my wallet has a different opinion.

This week has been rough for me due to this inconvenient and totally uncalled for heat-wave, so I have been holed up in my house with nothing to do except watching an endless amount of Friends.  I do love that show, but after a while when you can’t do anything else, it gets boring.  Although, that PIVOT scene never fails to crack me up.

Thank you for reading my rambles and I hope you enjoyed this next installment of my blog.  Love you all!

Remember, stay uniquely you!

11 thoughts on “HEAT, HEAT GO AWAY!

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  1. Glad you found something to fill your spare time, Rosie
    You are right I hate this weather, too hot,
    but I know how much it affects you, Hopefully it gets better soon.


  2. I just know this will help educate people on how typical of a woman you are, you don’t let your disability define you, you tell it what you can do!!!!!! So proud!!!


    1. Thank you! That is the goal! I don’t want people to think that my disability defines me or I let it rule my life. Thank you for reading!


  3. Great reading, Rosie! Your voice is strong and confident. Your stories are engaging and sincerely you.

    I’ll be a regular reader!


    1. I like to write how I would speak, so I am hoping that it is coming across successfully, but still entertaining and informative.


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